Conveyors of The Light Mime and Praise Dance Ministry Scholarship


The praise dance ministry was established in 1997 under the direction of Reverend Olus
Holder. It was called the Restoration of Praise Dance Ministry.  It’s primary purpose was to
minister through dance and to deliver faith in motion to elevate and worship for and with the
congregation of the New Faith Church. Today in 2019, we are known as The Conveyors of The
Light Mime and Praise Dance Ministry. The leaders of this ministry have established a
scholarship to help fund the education of Seniors seeking out higher education. Our goal is to
continue to motivate, inspire and encourage youth through dance as well as providing help in
developing opportunities for youth to dream and dream big without having financial constraints
detour them from being successful and achieving their academic, collegiate or career driven

- Active member of New Faith Church
- High School graduating senior
-Minimum two years participation in New Faith Church ministry
-  Minimum 3.0 GPA

One-time, non-renewable scholarship.